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Scam-Artist's Name: WU Zhihua
Company: Taixing Suxing Co., LTD
A.K.A: Made: Made In China
Affiliations: Taixing Suxing Co., LTD.  Made In China, Industrial and
Commercial Bank of China Taizhou Branch.                   
Phone Numbers: 86-523-87638880, 86-523-87638770,
Email Addresses:,
S.S. No: (furnished upon request)
Drivers License No: (furnished upon request)
Date of Birth: (furnished upon request)
Warrants:                 , By:        , Status:
                , By:        , Status:
In Process
Business Name: Taixing Suxing Co., LTD
Business Address: 7NO:2 Yinghong Xincun, Dangxioa Road, Taizing
Jiangsu, China 225400
Business phone: 86-523-87638880, 86-523-87638770,
Business Website:,,,
Description of Scam: Do not trust Taixing Suxing Co., LTD of
Taixing, Jiansgu, China.

Taixing Suxing Co., LTD claims to be a manufacture of textile sewed
goods, but our experience proved that Taixing Suxing Co., LTD  is just
a scam to get advanced payment for shipment of goods they never

Taixing Suxing Co., LTD of Taixing, Jiansgu, China provided us a
Formal Quotation for manufacturing and shipment of goods to our US
facility. Taixing Suxing Co., LTD's Formal Quotation terms called out
for:  a 50% advanced payment; then they would manufacture and ship
the goods to our US facility; and we would be required to wire the final
50% payment within 10-days after we received the goods.

We issued our Purchase Order (with the exact same terms). Our
Purchase Order was accepted and singed by the Taixing Suxing Co.,
LTD Sales Manager. WU Zhihua. We wired the 50% payment in
advance. Taixing Suxing Co., LTD, confirmed they received the
payment as specified.

After waiting 3-weeks and expecting shipping information for the goods,
Taixing Suxing Co., LTD then demanded we pay 100% of the order in
advance before  Taixing Suxing Co., LTD would processing our order.

"Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me." Since
Taixing Suxing Co., LTD had already proven they could not be trusted,
we did not even consider "sending good money after bad." We
immediately canceled the order and requested a return of our advanced
payment. Needless to say we never received the return of our
advanced payment our any of the goods.

Luckily we only lost a few thousand could have been twice as

We've had good experiences with some companies in China. However,
Taixing Suxing Co., LTD is one of the bad companies. We don't
recommend doing business with Taixing Suxing Co., LTD. Or at
minimal make sure you receive your order before you pay them anything.
Taixing Suxing Co., LTD
WU Zhihua