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Medical Scams Home Page
Scam-Artist's Name: David Calton
Company: Washington Family Medicine
A.K.A: Dr. Calton, David W. Calton MD, DPA: BC8748406,
Affiliations: Juli Grover (FNP-BC), Lisa Bartlett, Michelle Fleming, Linda
Gordon, Karla Jackson, Michelle Kelly, Tina Schlecte, Ola Sielski,  Deb
Stawarz, Laura Stevens, Sherry Welch                     
Addresses: 67150 Van Dyke, Suite: 200, Washington Michigan 48095
Phone Numbers: 586-336-7321, 586-336-7356
Email Addresses:
S.S. No: (furnished upon request)
Drivers License No: (furnished upon request)
Date of Birth: (furnished upon request)
Warrants:                 , By:        , Status:
                , By:        , Status:
In Process
Business Name: Washington Family medicine
Business Address: 67150 Van Dyke, Suite:200, Washington, Michigan
Business phone: 586-336-7321, 586-336-7356
Business Website:
Description of Scam: ONE VISIT WAS ENOUGH!:
Overall patients report that the office is very unorganized, overbooked
and has an unprofessional atmosphere. Reports of billing patients more
than their participating insurance co-pay requires, maintaining
inaccurate patient data, not returning calls and keeping patients waiting
in the reception area well past their scheduled appointment time
(sometimes over 2-hours)
Example of Scam Artist Posting
Dr. David Calton MD