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email addresses, social security numbers, drivers license numbers,
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Please leave your information posted until the scam artist is caught
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This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information
obtained will be used for that purpose.
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A.K.A: Brooke Saunders, Lisa B. Saunders, Lisa Solwold, Lisa Saunders-
Solwold, Lisa Madigan, Lisa Saund
Affiliations: Travis J. Solwold, Amber Krantz, Jerry Hamling, Leslie Albert
Saunders, Patrick S. Saunders, Rhonda Saunders,                    
Addresses: 351 Torrent Court, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307; 5836
Applewood, Apt: 1206, West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322; 9817 Oak Valley
Dr., Clarkston, Michigan 48346; 3580 Joshua, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Phone Numbers: 248-747-0297, 248-672-7740, 248-632-6470, 248-747-
0381, 248-856-7740,
Email Addresses:,,,,
S.S. No: (furnished upon request)
Drivers License No: (furnished upon request)
Date of Birth: (furnished upon request)
Warrants: 04/08/11, By: Judge Campbell, 41A DC (MI), Status: Reissued
Warrants: 07/05/11, By: Judge Shepherd, 41A DC (MI), Status: Open
Judgments: Michigan, 41A District Court, No: US10-26829-GC
Business Name: Arranging All Occasions
Business Address: 351 Torrent Court, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307
Business phone: 248-632-6470
Business Website:
Description of Scam: Lisa Saunders of Arranging All Occasions takes your
money, but never completes her part of the contract. Lisa Saunders of
Arranging All Occasions will promises to repay your money...but just more
lies. BEWARE-don't give Lisa Saunders of Arranging All Occasions any'll be sorry!
Lisa Saunders